Are You Skinny Fat? – Here is the SOLUTION

Are You Skinny Fat, Here is the Solution

Many people fall into the skinny fat category and want to know how to solve this problem.

But how do you know if you are skinny fat?

We’ve done the research, developed a free workout plan, and will show you exactly how to fix skinny fat.

What is skinny fat?

Many of us have relied on the BMI calculation for decades. In many circumstances, this calculation is a pretty good indicator of a healthy weight. In simple terms, it looks at our height and weight.

Unfortunately, it does not take into account our body composition.

Here’s an example: if you’re carrying a lot of muscle mass, you might show as being overweight – even though you’re healthy and ripped. In fact, some pro-bodybuilders fall into the obese category using this metric! Does a prime Arnold Schwarzenegger look obese to you? No, thought not. Well, BMI says he was.

On the other hand, you might fall into the “normal” category while carrying a lot of fat. You display a skinny appearance, but you lack muscle mass.

Why you might be skinny fat

If you’ve lived a sedentary lifestyle with a poor diet, but don’t classify yourself as “fat”, then the chances are you’re skinny fat.

When we don’t exercise, our muscles don’t develop – in fact, they can break down and waste away if not provided the correct stimulus.

Even those who perform cardio at the gym several times per week might fall into the skinny fat category.

Our body functions using essential amino acids. These essential proteins can only be obtained from our diet. If we are not consuming enough, the only other place to get them is from muscle cells. To release these essential amino acids, we start breaking down muscle cells. While this does not typically happen in younger people, if you’re not consuming enough, these amino acids will remain in the bloodstream rather than build more muscle.

Many years of a low protein and high fat/carb diet will lead to a steady increase in body fat with a decrease in muscle mass. This means that while your body weight remains the same, your body composition has actually changed.

Here are some of the common signs of skinny fat:

  1. You wear smaller sized clothes, however, you still have love handles, a podgy belly or muffin top.
  2. You are slim/skinny, but you cannot see any abs.
  3. You don’t lift weights – if you are not doing any resistance exercise, it is unlikely you have much muscle mass.
  4. You do too much cardio – even those of us who hit the gym several times per week can be skinny fat. As you lose weight, you simply get smaller because you’re not lifting weights to prevent muscle loss.

If any two of the above apply to you, you are almost certainly skinny fat.

How to fix skinny fat – the ultimate solution

Firstly, we urge you not to bulk! We’re shocked at some of the advice out there suggesting you start eating more and bulk up. Most people bulk the wrong way and end up making the situation worse.

Secondly, don’t cut! Again, this will create the opposite problem – you will lose some fat, but cutting is tricky so you will likely lose lots of the little muscle you already have.

It seems like catch-22.

But it’s not.

The answer is the skinny fat workout (also known as body-recomposition). The good news for you is that Fitness Savvy has developed an entire plan for body re-composition, and it is totally free.

Body re-composition is the process of adding muscle while losing fat at the same time. In fact, skinny fat individuals are those who benefit most from this routine, and in just a few months can totally transform their body.

By altering your diet and lifting weights a few times per week, body re-composition is possible.

Head on over and check out the Fitness Savvy body re-composition plan and YouTube series.

This plan also includes increasing your protein intake and stabilising your other macros.

Being skinny fat is not a great situation to be in – health-wise, however, it is a fantastic position to be in because you don’t need to consume vast amounts of calories like a hard-gainer, and you don’t have to starve yourself like someone who is merely overweight.

See it as a blessing, try the free re-composition plan, and share your results in the comments, on the YouTube video, and with your friends!

Robin Young

Robin Young

Robin is the founder and CEO of Fitness Savvy.As a freelance writer, he has written for publications such as Muscle & Strength, Sparkpeople, Inquisitr and many more. When he's not collating product reviews or working directly on improving the website, he is creating innovative content for the website's blog and Fitness Savvy YouTube channel

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