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About Us

Fitness Savvy CEO, Robin Young

“Why hasn’t this been done before?”

That was the question I had when I first had the idea for Fitness Savvy. I looked online, and while I did discover a handful of basic protein comparison sites, they did not list a wide range of products and certainly didn’t display the cheapest prices! I was also unable to compare other supplements such as multivitamins and BCAAs.

Other price comparison sites do exist, such as Pricespy and Idealo, but they are not dedicated to fitness. On these sites, you might find basic nutritional info – and so long as you know exactly what you want before you buy, you might be okay shopping there. However, when looking for popular brands, it was apparent that many retailers were missing from comparison tables. In addition, none of these generic price comparison sites included any useful buying guides or fitness information to help people like me.

And so Fitness Savvy was born: A site where you can learn about fitness, filter products in detail (even down to their macro ratio breakdown) using fitness-specific attributes, and . Our filters even include mini-guides, which link to in-depth guides (if you wanted to know more) to help you better understand what the attributes mean.

Once you find products that meet your needs, you can add them to a comparison table. Compare them side by side, watch embedded, independent YouTube videos of real people demonstrating, taste testing and trialling the products, and then decide which product best meets your needs. Once you’ve selected your ideal product, you can view the cheapest retailer, and unlike other comparison sites, you will also find discount and voucher codes to help you save even more on your purchases.

I built this site to help me make better buying decisions. It has already saved me a lot of money, and I know it will help you, too. Everything you need to make informed fitness purchases is right here, to help you become Fitness Savvy.

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